13 amazing facts about breast-feeding

13 amazing facts about breast-feeding

Breastfeeding your baby: Know the amazing facts

When you are about to become a mother or already in one’s shoes, cannot ignore the importance of breastfeeding in this journey of motherhood. You may have to or might have already struggled through the feeding process, had your own fears, felt pains or faced challenges but with your share of joyful moments of closeness and bonding with the baby.

Here let’s share with you some amazing facts about breastfeeding and the breast milk, motivating enough to breastfeed your baby.

1. A complete food

Breast milk is a complete food in itself. No other food or fluid is required by the baby in his/her early days of life. It is the most nutritious form of natural food for infants.

2. Colostrum, the liquid gold!

Colostrum, i:e., the breast milk produced just after the baby’s birth, till few days, is a natural immunizer containing antibodies and WBCs which protect the baby from bacterial, viral, and other microorganisms infections. Only a few teaspoons of colostrum are enough for the infant to be full stomach till first five-six days of his/her birth.

Colostrum is also highly rich in calcium, potassium, proteins, and minerals necessary for the baby’s growth.

Colostrum, if fed to the baby several times for first few days reduces the chances of catching jaundice in the new born. With all these benefits, no wonder it is known as “liquid gold.”

3. Breast milk changes with time

Nutrients in breast milk change with passing days as your baby grows, to meet his/her emerging body needs.

4. Cheapest nutritious food for the baby

Breastfeeding is the cheapest or can say almost free source of highly nutritious food for the infant while its alternative, formula milk can be a major expense for new parents.

5. Key to mother-baby bonding

Breastfeeding develops an emotional strong bond between you and your baby.

6. Healthy babies in long-term

Babies who are breastfed get less sick. Those not fed with breast milk have higher risk of diseases like obesity, asthma, or diabetes.

7. Hitting the gym? may not be required

The good news for you is – breastfeeding baby is a weight loosing activity! You may lose about 600 calories per day. It is like walking few miles every day. Contrary to the common belief, the mothers who breastfeed their children, recover early from the post-pregnancy body woes. The hormones released after breastfeeding help the uterus get back to its normal size, thus reducing your post-pregnancy bulge.

8. Breast milk taste keeps on changing!

Surprised! But yes, the taste of your breast milk is what you have eaten that day! So it gets the flavor of the food items you eat. In a way it exposes your baby to different food tastes, which makes it easy for you to shift the baby on solids later.

9. Convenient for moms

Breastfeeding is convenient, as you do not need to wash or sterilize the feeding bottles. Even while travelling it reduces the weight of the baby’s bag, as no need to stock feeder bottles and formula milk.

10. Protects from cancer

It reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

11. Healing benefits

Breast milk has components that help fight infection and heal many common ailments like soreness or pink eye.

12. Sick? Can still breastfeed your baby

breastfeedingYou can still breastfeed your baby while sick with common cold, flu, fever, or stomach virus etc., as when ill your body produces antibodies to fight that ailment, these antibodies are transferred to the baby through your milk. Thus, it boosts the baby’s immune system for that illness. In case you need to be on antibiotic for a bacterial infection, ask your doctor for an antibiotic that is not harmful for your baby to be breastfed.

13. Store and keep

For all those working women, you can store breast milk for later use. It lasts about a week in a refrigerator and about six to eight hours at room temperature when kept covered in a clean container.

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