IVFGurus is an initiative by STG Lifecare Ltd, a pioneer organization in the field of Healthcare Research, Guidance and Facilitation.

In the last two decades, incidence of infertility has grown significantly globally, even among younger couples. This is primarily due to late marriages, prolonging of pregnancy decisions due to professional & economic reasons, physical & environmental factors among others.

Fortunately however, in the same period of time, the procedure of IVF or Test Tube Babies, as it is commonly called, has advanced significantly. Today, most couples facing infertility are able to conceive using either of advanced Assisted Reproductive Procedures.

However, the biggest barrier to infertility treatment in India till today, is the lack of knowledge about Infertility – its causes, available treatment and best treatment options. Due to social stigma related to infertility in developing countries (and even many developed countries), couples are not ready to discuss their fertility issues with peer groups and even families. IVFGurus.com is an initiative to help those couples by providing confidential & informed guidance on infertility treatment in India.

A team of Market Researchers at IVFGurus.com continuously gather inputs on fertility hospitals in India through close interaction with hospitals, doctors, patients & other stakeholders. The said information is used by our expert Patient Advisors in providing free treatment guidance & facilitation to aspiring parents. As of date, IVFGurus.com is the most credible and most sought after entity providing guidance for fertility treatment in India.

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