Augment IVF, a breakthrough technique to improve egg health

Augment IVF, a breakthrough technique to improve egg health

Augment IVF, a breakthrough technique to improve egg health

For all those women facing the problem of poor egg quality, a possible barrier in their IVF success, there is a good news for you!

A new technique, Augment IVF, has been developed by doctors that use woman’s own cells to improve the quality of her eggs.

Recently, a baby boy was born using Augment IVF technique, in Toronto.

It is a procedure deemed by experts as a milestone in enhancing the success rate of traditional IVF procedures in which many women have to bear the pain of failed IVF cycles due to poor egg quality.

What is Augment IVF?

A healthy egg is essential for fertilization and embryo development. Among many factors responsible for eggs health, one is the high energy levels of the egg. If the egg is low on energy the fertilization may not occur. Augment IVF revitalizes your eggs with added energy. Now, how is this done?

All cells have energy producing units called mitochondria, also known as powerhouse of cell. The Augment IVF technique uses these mitochondria present in your EggPC (immature egg) cells, found in the lining of ovaries to supplement the existing mitochondria of your eggs. Thus, increasing energy and boosting the embryo development.

Since a healthy egg has more chances of IVF success, Augment procedure actually complements the traditional IVF by raising the success chances of an IVF cycle. This is especially a blessing for those of you who have poor egg health but want to use your own egg in IVF and not the donor’s egg.

At present the Augment treatment is only available in select nine countries spanning North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The United States does not permit Augment IVF technique terming it as a gene therapy which is regulated by FDA.

Till now over three dozen women have undergone the procedure in different countries. For those who have failed IVF due to poor egg quality, Augment IVF could be a way to go for getting pregnant.