Best IVF Clinics in Chennai

India’s ‘health capital’ – Chennai, is a preferred location both for Indian and overseas patients for all kinds of medical treatment. Every year, the city receives over 40% of the country’s domestic health tourists while 45% of international patients. There are best IVF clinics in Chennai due to which the city is also emerging as an important hub for IVF and infertility treatment.

ivf clinic in ChennaiWith over 20 registered Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) centers at present, the advantages of infertility treatment and IVF in Chennai are many from highly specialized doctors, good infrastructure, and state-of-the-art labs to patient care facilities.

Basis on our multilevel research on IVF treatment options in the city (through personal visits, internet research, email and phone communications), we see Chennai as a reliable and appropriate location for any kind of fertility and IVF treatments. Fertility clinics in the city report many international patients from countries like the U.S., UK, Africa, Australia, and UAE, etc., due to advanced procedures, expert doctors, quality services, and high success rate.

Here we would share with you factors that make Chennai a reliable destination for IVF and other infertility related treatments.

Availability of specialists and highly experienced doctors

The best IVF clinics in Chennai have several internationally acclaimed doctors and specialists with over a decade’s experience. On record they have treated thousands of patients with high percentage of success. Almost all the registered infertility specialists in Chennai are trained from abroad and most of them have celebrity patient list. Many doctors here have won several honors in their field of work. Dr. Geetha Haripriya, Dr. Samundi Sankari, Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Dr. V M Thomas, Dr. Mohammed Ashraf etc., are well-known names in the city and abroad for their fertility expertise.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment, and labs

Infrastructure and lab are critical to a good fertility center. In Chennai, many prominent IVF centers are well-established, have specialized services, latest equipment, and high-end lab facilities. Fertility centers like Srushti Fertility Center & Women’s Hospital, Iswarya Fertility Center, Prashanth Fertility Research Center, Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute, Nova IVI Fertility, and GG Hospital among many others which have advanced labs using latest techniques with good infrastructure.

Good support-staff and patient care

Patient care and advocacy are important while dealing with patients seeking fertility treatments as they undergo various kinds of mental, physical, social, and financial pressures. Along with doctors, the support staff at fertility centers in Chennai is helpful and provides patient counseling. IVFGurus team has visited the various clinics and gained extensive insight into the support services of the clinics. In addition, we regularly interact with existing patients to see client servicing by doctors and support staff once patients start the procedure.

Chennai, as a tourist destination

Generally patients seeking IVF or any other fertility cure have to make a longer stay for the treatment. If you are not a resident of Chennai, you won’t have to get bored staying in the city. You can utilize your free time in between the treatment by exploring it. Chennai has its own unique charm and is quite different from other metro cities of the country. The city has been constantly named among the world’s best cities for tourists by various reputed surveys and magazines. It offers an interesting blend of rich tradition, heritage sites, and modern amenities in the lap of nature. Ancient carved temples, amazingly long beaches, colonial architecture, cuisine, music and dance and much more are there in Chennai to enthrall you.

Chennai city transport-Metro railTransportation and lodging

Chennai is well-connected by roads, railways, and air network to all the major Indian cities and international airports. The city has a strong network of transport system consisting of buses, taxis, and autos for commuting. You will find here all kinds of lodging facilities from high-end hotels to budget hotels and rented rooms for your comfortable stay.

Chennai BeachGeographic location and climate

Known as the Gateway to South India, Chennai is located on the southeastern coast of India on a flat coastal plain in Tamil Nadu. The weather in Chennai is extremely hot and humid but the cool breeze from the sea provides some relief from the heat. The temperature in winter season (November- February) also does not go below 20 °C. The ample rainfall helps to maintain a pleasant weather throughout the year.

How to decide which clinic is best for me in Chennai?

Having known all the benefits of undergoing treatment in Chennai, taking a final decision, as where to go for your IVF procedure in the city can still be confusing. If you have already tried one or more of the IVF clinics in Chennai or elsewhere simply by visiting, or by undergoing a procedure, you could be even in even more difficult situation.

IVF is an expensive procedure and most of us are not in a position to take that financial challenge, especially after a failed IVF. Thus, our suggestion would be that, you should spend good amount of time on recommendations on appropriate doctors and then take a call. Remember, each infertility case is unique. Some doctors have special expertise in treating certain kinds of complications; we might be able to offer you guidance on specific situations like that if you discuss your case with us. Cost, again is a big factor and some clinics may keep costs deliberately absurd and confusing, you may discuss and get more clarity on that too.

Overall, IVFGurus, an initiative by STG Lifecare Ltd is happy to make your job (of selecting IVF treatment centers in Chennai) simpler by offering the following:

List of IVF clinics in Chennai (just browse from our homepage to see the comprehensive list of major clinics and hospitals)

Extensive details on cost of IVF in Chennai and other cities of India

Interviews of doctors (others will be published in coming days)

Free patient advisors with whom you can discuss your issues and take free recommendation.

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