Childless this mother’s day? Take a positive step forward and don’t lose hope!

Childless this mother’s day? Take a positive step forward and don’t lose hope!

(Article originally published on May 26, 2015)

With nonstop Mother’s Day endorsements; and mothers of all age, shapes and sizes being featured in news stories, it can be a ruthless reminder that your dream of becoming a mother is incomplete. It is a rather difficult period to cope up with the fact that you are childless and infertile. Your biological clock is ticking at a faster pace now… So for all those aspiring mothers who felt empty, lonely and incomplete this mother’s day, let this be the last year of harrowing. Take an optimistic step forward towards motherhood and do not leave your fertility to luck, rather be alarmed and advance your chances of pregnancy by the following:

Adopt a healthy life style

Choosing a healthy life style to improve your fertility like daily physical exercise to maintain an ideal weight, avoid caffeine as it is known to reduce chances of pregnancy, and do away with smoking as it puts fertility at risk, reduces ovulation, and enhances risk associated with pregnancy such as miscarriages.

Plan a healthy diet intake

A healthy diet intake advances the chances of pregnancy. Certain foods which contain zinc in high quantity, fruits and green vegetables helps increase the chances of pregnancy. Intake of green vegetables boosts the supply of folic acid which is good for nurturing the baby. Plenty of calcium is vital again for a healthy pregnancy. Inculcating a healthy and a balanced diet with foods from all the categories, such as lean protein, vitamins and dairy have good effect on pregnancy.

Understand Ovulation schedule

Understanding ovulation schedule helps to be acquainted with when you ovulate, or the time period egg is released from the ovary. There are different ways of calculating the ovulation cycle which will help to provide the fertile days when you are able to get pregnant. Once aware of the ovulation schedule, the couple can consequently plan their intercourse during the most fertile days.(Check for ovulation calculator)

Do not delay further

It is a known fact that fertility reduces with age, especially if over 35. The decline in fertility progresses through late 30’s till mid 40’s when the chances of normal conception may go as low as 1%.. Approximately 6 out of 10 couples trying to conceive naturally are successfully able to do so after 3 months. However if this period extends, you must visit a specialist without further delay, especially if over 35 as indicated.

Treatment options

If you are not able to conceive naturally, you should not take it lightly. Rather than leaving to fate or jumping to conclusions, you should seek timely help from the fertility specialist which may prove beneficial for you as fertility declines with age. The fertility expert is the best person to advice the best treatment available basis the diagnosis be it surgery or medication.

IVF becomes the last resort

If one is experiencing problems such as injured tubes oligospermia, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, male factor infertility due to poor sperm concentration or sperm motility(movement), females suffering from ovulation disorder, uterine fibroids,  premature ovarian failure, genetic disorder, major cervical mucus hostility factors and in cases where infertility remains unexplained assisted reproductive techniques (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) becomes the last resort once the actual cause of infertility is dealt with.  The treatment can be advised to older women or those with a low ovarian reserve to help achieve motherhood.  This treatment entails retrieving eggs directly from a woman’s ovaries and inseminating them with sperm in the laboratory prior to transferring the embryos or fertilized eggs back into the uterus.

So, if you found yourself incomplete this Mother’s Day, be positive and take your fertility in your hands as there is still hope that your dreams could be turned into reality. Take a positive step today, and kick start the route to motherhood!