Common pregnancy problems and their remedies

Common pregnancy problems and their remedies

Pregnancy brings with it some common physical problems causing discomfort and often annoyance too. Here are some pregnancy problems and their simple remedies that would help you tackle them.

Pregnancy problems - Morning sicknessMorning sickness

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience nausea and vomiting, especially in the early hours of the day. This is called morning sickness, which occurs due to the changes in your blood pressure, hormonal levels, and metabolism. Though it poses no harm to you or the fetus health but definitely gives awful feeling. For some it may even continue to bother till second or third trimester.

Remedy: At home you can try having some crackers or sweet biscuits before getting out of bed. Having small sips of ginger tea, fruit juices, or even sucking ice cubes would help in relief. Wear loose clothes from tummy and try moving around taking small steps in mornings. But if severe morning sickness persists, see your gynecologist who would prescribe a medicine for it.

swollen feet during pregnancySwollen feet and ankles

Swollen feet and ankles are normal during pregnancy as your body weight increases putting more pressure on your feet. This occurs generally in the third trimester of your pregnancy and disappears after the delivery, so a temporary condition for which you should not be worried.

Remedy: Avoid prolonged sitting or standing. While sitting, put your feet up at frequent intervals. You can use a footrest or small stool to lay your feet while sitting. Taking small walks help. Stretching the legs and rotating through ankles, cycling or swimming also help to reduce swelling.

pregnancy back pain exercisePregnancy back ache

As the pregnancy proceeds, you gain weight and your center of gravity changes causing back pain.

Remedy: Maintaining right body posture is essential while sitting, standing and sleeping. Sleep on your sides rather on back. Heat or cold massages, acupuncture, walks, and gentle exercises help in relieving back pain.


Bowel movement can be stressful during pregnancy. Your hormones and some medications like iron and vitamin supplements may elevate constipation.

Remedy: You should drink plenty of water and fluids and increase the intake of high fiber diet like whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits. Exercise daily and drink warm liquids in the morning.

drink more water in pregnancyIndigestion and heart burn

Almost all women go through indigestion and heart burn during pregnancy. It can be very disturbing and hinder you through your daily activities.

Remedy: Eat many small meals through the day rather three heavy meals. Again, liquid intake is very important. Spicy, oily, and fried food should be completely avoided. Take small walks after eating. You can also place pillows under your shoulders to avoid heart burn.

Feeling hot

Due to hormonal changes, increased blood volume, and high metabolic rate you tend to feel overheated. If it is summer, then this feeling definitely makes you freak out!

Remedy: Drink plenty of water and fluids as you should not be left dehydrated. Wear light colored cotton clothes and try avoiding sun.


Shortness of breath is common during the later months of pregnancy as your growing uterus leaves less space for the lungs to expand.

Remedy: Whenever you feel shortness of breath, slow down and try to relax. Maintain right body posture to give space to your lungs to breath. Do not exert yourself. Try deep breathing exercises.


The inflated, gassy feeling during pregnancy creates discomfort making you exhaustive and irritable.

Remedy: Drink lot of water, increase intake of fiber diet, avoid beans, cabbage and fried foods. Take regular small meals. Walking and yoga help to relieve you from gas pains.

Piles during pregnancy

Piles are very common in pregnancy due to growing weight, increased blood circulation, and hormonal changes in the body. It may occur during the third trimester. They either disappear after the baby’s birth or continue to be a problem for about a year. You should consult your gynecologist on its onset.

Remedy: The best way to prevent piles is to drink lot of water and fluids. Eat fiber-rich diet, whole wheat breads, cereals etc., and lots of green vegetables and fruits. Pelvic floor exercises also help.

Vagina discharge

These are cervical secretions during pregnancy. It occurs due to several changes your body is undergoing during pregnancy and may increase as you approach labor. When the discharge is smelly, thick, non-whitish, and painful you should consult your gynecologist. It may be a bacterial or yeast infection.

Remedy: Keep your genitals clean and dry. Wear little loose cotton undergarments, avoid tight pants, scented soaps or deodorant. Don not douche or use tampons as this would help germs to grow and cause infection.


It is normal to have an itchy body, especially around the belly area, sometimes causing redness too. The itchiness increases as your belly size grows.

Remedy: Avoid hot shower bath, scented soaps, perfumes, and scented moisturizer. Coconut oil is also beneficial. If itching persists, consult your gynecologists.

Patchy skin and hair fall

Patchy skin with red or dark marks on face may occur during pregnancy. Along with this, dark circles also show up around the eyes. Your hair may become frizzy and dry causing fall. These temporary problems go away after delivery.

Remedy: Maintain healthy diet and drink plenty of water. You can apply papaya or aloe vera mask to reduce pigmentation. Use good sun blocks prescribed by your gynecologists on exposed parts before going out in sun. Oil and massage your hair regularly.

Excessive urination

Frequent urination is common in pregnancy. During the last trimester of your pregnancy the problem increases even more due to the pressure exerted by the growing uterus on your urinary bladder.

Remedy: You cannot afford to avoid water and liquids. Make sure to be fully hydrated during the day while at night, few hours before going to bed you can reduce your liquid intake.

Varicose veins

These are no risk to your baby but may create some discomfort. They are swollen, blue colored knotty veins which appear behind the knees or around your bottom. They occur due to increased blood pressure on the walls of the veins and enhanced level of progesterone hormone. They are not avoidable but you can regulate their appearance and discomfort.

Remedy: Elevate your legs, control body weight by trying not to gain large weight in short span as that would put more pressure on your veins. Do not stay at same position for long time. Take small walks. Eat fiber rich fruits, vegetables, and lot of fluids to ease your varicose veins.