Interview: Dr. Manika Khanna

Interview: Dr. Manika Khanna

Dr. Manika Khanna is the Founder & Managing Director of New Delhi’s Gaudium IVF, one of the leading IVF clinic chains. After completing her education in medicine, and training with the best minds in the fertility field in Australia and Germany, she returned to India to start her own fertility center Gaudium IVF. With more than 6,000 successful IVF treatments to her credit, this award-winning Infertility Specialist and Laparoscopic Surgeon is hailed as the youngest in the field in India. Needless to say, she is one of the premiers on the IVF scene.

In a candid chat with IVFGurus, Dr. Khanna shared some insight into her practice. Here are excerpts from the interview:

IVFGurus: You are hailed as India’s youngest infertility and IVF specialist. So when exactly did you start practicing IVF and fertility procedures? What prompted you to enter this field?

Dr. Khanna: I have 15 years of experience in Gynaecology and in the year 2009, I started practicing infertility treatments. I came across this during my studies and found the infertility treatment very challenging, which further attracted me towards it. Then, I decided to excel in this. Now I am running Gaudium Hospital, which is one of the world’s leading chain of IVF hospitals.

IVF Gurus: Tell us a little about the various trainings you took for Infertility Treatment?

Dr. Khanna: I did my training at the Melbourne IVF unit in test tube babies, which is a very renowned institute in the world. I also did Diploma in Advanced Gynecologic Endoscopy at University of Kiel, Germany. I am also a member of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) which facilitates research and dissemination of research findings in human reproduction and embryology to the general public, scientists, clinicians and patient associations.

IVF Gurus: In your 15 years of career, how many infertility cases have you handled?

Dr. Khanna: It’s a long list. I have dealt with more than 6,000 cases so far. I helped to deliver almost 8,000 babies and done around 2,000 ART procedures.

IVF Gurus: What is the patient footfall per day at your hospital?

Dr. Khanna: Gaudium is well equipped to handle multiple cases in a day, we can handle 70 to 90 OPDs every day. If we talk about IVF tasks in a month, it comes around 90 to 110 cases – that is not a small number. Very few clinics are capable of handling this much. I come across more than 20 new cases each month, so one can imagine the footfall.

IVF Gurus: Which IVF tasks do you consider yourself especially skilled at, and what has made you an expert of the same?

Dr. Khanna: The only way to be a master of anything is hard work and honesty. When I decided to practice in ART, I started performing everything on my own, I learned everything – microlevel laparoscopy, ultrasound, ICSI, and egg retrieval. Practice makes the man perfect. Now I train 100 of gynecologists who are working in various branches of Gaudium.

IVF Gurus: Share some of the most critical cases you have handled till date and are proud of.

Dr. Khanna: Every patient having an infertility issue is a critical case, but one case that made me proud is of the couple that came to me with severe health issues. She was diabetic and had polycystic ovaries. The couple went across India, visited outside the country and had 15 failed IVFs. Both of them very well read and strong. I examined her. On the 16th cycle, she finally conceived. This case now is a world record, before that a woman conceived after 12 failed cycles; we set the record of the 16th. This made me and our whole Gaudium team very proud, and the couple who had lost hope, finally got the ray of hope.

IVF Gurus: Infrastructure is a very important part of any good clinic. What facilities does your clinic boast of?

Dr. Khanna: We have an extremely modular set-up. Our IVF lab is a “Cleanroom” unit, an IVF requires air to be free of pollutants. Dust, dust mites, viruses and bacteria are the normal contaminants in the lab. The quality of air in laboratories and clinical procedure rooms can have enormous effects on embryo quality, embryo survival, and hence, the clinical outcomes. So, we are fully armed to fight all these problems..We are equipped with multiple incubators, generally clinics have only one or two.

When speaking of standard certifications, European guidelines are the toughest across the world and Gaudium fulfills all of them, so it is one of the internationally proclaimed hospitals.

IVF Gurus: From which part of the country do you get maximum patients? What services and facilities are offered to patients from other states or countries?

Dr. Khanna: We have Gaudium babies across India. Statewise, people from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Bihar visit us. Patients from other parts of the world are also very frequent. Looking at the high patients footfall, we have opened our branches in other parts of the India as well, including branches in Punjab, Haryana, and J& K.

IVFGurus: You handled more than 2,000 cases, how many resulted in successful pregnancies and births? What is the success rate?

Dr. Khanna: I along with the whole Gaudium team have worked very hard, and for the last five years we have managed to maintain a 55% success rate, something only few US-based clinics maintained.

IVFGurus: Talking about location, why did you opt to have the center here (Delhi)? Is it comfortable for the visitors to commute to your clinic?

Dr. Khanna: Because I started my practice from Jankpuri, I decided to start my clinic here. This location is well connected through the metro. My clinic is within walking distance from the Jankpuri West Metro station, and the route is straight from the airport, so for locals as well as for patients outside the city, Gaudium is highly accessible.

IVF Gurus: What would you says is the USP of your cinic?

Dr. Khanna: Our good intention to help you to have a baby is our USP.

IVFGurus: Is IVF a hard process to go through?

Dr. Khanna: With so much of advancement and exposure, it is not tough anymore. Here in Gaudium, we use a standard international method where patients have to take less number. of injections; this decreases pain and it is very cost effective too. We provide couselling to our patients to know more as it’s a very emotional thing. All these things contribute towards making IVF a very simple treatment for patients.

IVFGurus: What is your opinion about

Dr. Khanna: It is a very good initiative. As you see, so many IVF centers are mushrooming left, right, and center. will make the selection of hospitals and clinics easier and better, and it can prevent patients from landing in the wrong hands.

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