Interview: Dr. Nalini Gupta

Interview: Dr. Nalini Gupta

Dr. Nalini Gupta, a gynaecologist practicing in Miracles Mediclinic in Gurgaon, has over 23 years of experience in the field. Her move to specialized infertility treatment was prompted in part due to the misconceptions surrounding infertility.

IVFGurus contacted Dr. Gupta to find out more about the doctor and her chosen field of medicine.

IVFGurus: You have 23 years of experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics . When did you make the switch to IVF and infertility treatment, and what prompted the decision?

Dr. Gupta: I  got into Assisted Reproductive Techniques(ART) in the year 2002 so it’s my running 13th year in infertility treatment. In India, infertility always has been a “her problem”, especially  when I started. The social status of women was not that open and they have faced a lot because of it. So  I felt responsible for them and decided to  help the society to cope with this critical problem and here I am.

IVFGurus: What kind of training did you have to undergo to make the switch to infertility medicine?

Dr. Gupta: I have done my graduation and post graduation in Obstetrics and Gynecology from MDU, Rohtak. Completed senior residency from Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi. After doing a private practice for 10 years I moved to infertility treatment. So I landed up into the prestigious University of Leeds, UK  and where I did  Masters in Clinical Embryology with distinction. Adding on it, I worked in Research and Referral Army Hospital in Delhi, which is a very proclaimed hospital for its work and services.

IVFGurus: How many infertility cases have you handled so far?

Dr. Gupta: Though I never keep count on number of patients as I believe it to be a very materialist thing. Still, if you ask, I would say, thousands of cases. I believe in delivering not quantity, but quality.

IVF Gurus: Can you give a rough estimate of the procedures like IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst etc., that you conduct?

Dr. Gupta: See we do everything here, which includes ICSI, IVF, IUI, blastocyst. I can’t give any specific number because every patient comes with different issues and criticality, and treatment differs, thus number of procedures done also differs.

IVFGurus:Which ART procedure is your clinic’s speciality domain and what do you do most?

Dr. Gupta: ART is not a one-man’s job, it needs multiple experts and experienced hands. It is a team work , and our team specializes in all the ART procedures. If I talk about what I like doing, it will be clinical procedures as I’ve done specialization in it. What I love to do is counsel patients , it needs a lot of patience and in-depth knowledge to counsel them

IVFGurus: Please share with us any case or cases that was unique in terms of complications or one which you were particularly proud of?

Dr. Gupta: To me every case I come across is equally important. I consider every case important and there is no any tagged favorite case.They all come with one hope of getting a lifetime feeling that cannot differ in any case, i.e having a baby. In case of sharing any very critical cases, I would share one case where a woman came to me after loosing all hopes of having a baby with around eight IVF cycle failure. We counselled her and proceeded to the ninth cycle and she conceived. That was not an achievement for us, but for the woman who has achieved being a mother after so many problems. The only thing that matters for us is the sense of satisfaction of the patients and their happiness.

IVFGurus: Infrastructure is a very important part of any good clinic. What facilities are available in your hospital?

Dr. Gupta: Very true! Infrastructure is a very important part. Here, at Miracles, we are well-equipped with all amenities. We have two incubators, ideally one incubator can handle four to five embryo cultures in a day so , so we are ready to handle 10 cases easily per day. Apart from that, we have a laser hatching machine, ICSI, laminar air flow – these are all standard requirements of any good IVF clinic. Here, we have a team of four IVF specialists, and a good number of non-medical staff to support and assist the patients. Our doctors give their best to the patients.

IVFGurus: What do you think is the cause behind the increasing rate of infertility among couples today?

Dr. Gupta: Stress! The lifestyle we pursue  is very stressed. We all know that stress can lead to many diseases and it leads to infertility too. Another reason for growing infertility cases is delay in marriage age. Previously girls used to get married in their twenties, that is an ideal age to conceive a child. As the age increases, the chances of getting pregnant starts reducing and that‘s what is happening. Although ART is one solution to this. Now we have option of egg freezing by which a girl can freeze her eggs in her early years and use it later, to get pregnant. Medical advancements have reached to a level that can deal with any kind of infertility issues so there is nothing to worry about. But one thing I must say that it is a solution to infertility problem,but not the way of life we should start living.

IVFGurus: Which part of the country do you get maximum patients from?

Dr. Gupta: As we are based in Gurgaon, maximum patient footfall is from Haryana, and northern part of the country. As we are living in the Internet world, we are well connected over the net, so we get a lot of patients from outside the country as well.

IVFGurus: What would you say the success rate of infertility treatments is in your clinic?

Dr. Gupta: ART is a very critical procedure and no one can guarantee you a pregnancy. But, in Miracle we have achieved 50% success rate since last one year, which is very tough to attain, so I can say we have managed to deliver good results so far.

IVF Gurus: Is IVF hard to go through?

Dr. Gupta: Yes, IVF is tough to go through, and that is why we are here to help you. It is not about the physical pain one has to go through, but the emotional stress and pressure. But we counsel patients throughout the procedure and stand by them so there is nothing to worry about.

IVFGurus: What is your opinion about ?

Dr. Gupta: I really felt  great about I appreciate the initiative and the ways of doing this. As I come across lots of people and agencies referring patients to us with tailor-made demands of what to do with the patients. But the approach you guys kept with the genuine  motto of giving helping hands to those who needed without any wrong intentions and unnecessary benefits. It’s a great job.

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