Cost of IVF Procedure

ivf procedure billOne of the most important questions that comes to everyone’s mind after deciding to look for alternate fertility options is: what actually is the cost of IVF Procedure in India? Ever since we launched this portal, we have received very high number of with patient queries, and questions on cost of IVF in India tops the list. So, we decided to give a detailed space to this very important topic here. Hope it helps! Before you decide on cost of IVF or other infertility procedures, its important that you know the main components of costing.

IVF Treatment Procedure step by step

An IVF (or related treatment ) procedure has the following  main components:

Primary components of IVF costing:

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Secondary Components of IVF Costing (if required)

  • Using Donor egg, sperm and or embryo
  • Freezing (cryopreservation) of egg, sperm and or embryo.
  • Thawing of frozen egg, sperm and or embryo
  • Surrogacy costs, if required.
  • Out-of-procedure components
  • Travel and stay for patient and attendant
  • Consumables.
  • Regular gynae costs, after conceiving the baby.

What is IVF Procedure Cost in India?

Now, having explained the components of the cost of IVF procedure, lets come to the question of how much it would actually cost for an IVF Cycle. Generally speaking, an IVF Cycle from a decent hospital or clinic in India, for a domestic patient, would cost between the following lower and upper ranges:

IVF Treatment Cost at lower cost clinics:

  • Diagnosis: INR 10,000 (very approximate costing, depends on complexity involved)
  • Procedure cost: INR 80,000
  • Cost of medicines: INR 50,000
  • Miscellaneous: INR 10,000
    Total Cost: INR 150,000

For International Patients, the IVF procedure cost would be around US $5,000. Needless to say, if you are an international patient, the cost of visa, airfare, stay, sightseeing etc would be extra.

The reason why hospitals and clinics have higher cost for international patients is, mainly because of the high individualized attention required in case of international patients, vis-à-vis, the domestic patients. Also, many hospitals and clinics would provide visa guidance, airport pick and drop, help in finding guest houses, planning local sightseeing and so on to international patients. Naturally, this requires extra cost. The good thing is that, in spite of paying more than what one would pay as a domestic patient, the international patient finds that he or she is paying only about a quarter of the cost of IVF in home country, especially if he or she is from any of the developed western countries, or Australia. If you are from a less developed country, the aforesaid is not good news for you. But hey, don’t blame us for that, we are just stating what’s out there! If finance is a major constraint for you, do not hesitate to discuss with us, and we shall see how best to help you out.

IVF Treatment Cost at in high cost clinics

Now, coming back to the cost question, let us see how much it would cost for the very ‘elite’ and top-notch IVF clinics. It should be noted that the high end clinics and hospitals normally have very good infrastructure and equipments, IVF specialists/doctors with  degree from reputed institutes, and many have good experience. However, they ‘may not’ always have very high success rate unlike many of the lesser known but dedicated clinics. Thus, paying high price ‘would not’ necessarily ensure a higher success rate. You need to consider many of the other aspects also. Anyway, back to costs calculations !

  • Diagnosis: INR 20,000 (very approximate costing, depends on complexity involved)
  • Procedure cost: INR 2,50,000
  • Cost of medicines: INR 80,000
  • Miscellaneous: INR 20,000
    Total Cost: INR 3,70,000

For International Patients, the IVF procedure cost would be around US $12,500. Again, needless to say, if you are an international patient, the cost of visa, airfare, stay, sightseeing etc., would be extra.

It should be noted here that, the prices are not necessarily comparable in the straight way we have provided as many of the top clinics and hospitals would have add-on procedures like Blastocyst, SET etc., as part of the package, whereas, low cost clinics would charge extra for the same. However, since we wanted to show the cost of only a bare package of IVF, we followed this simple comparison format. Moreover, even when you add the cost of these procedures to the low cost clinics, the price would still add up by only about INR 50,000.

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Cool, but how do I decide which clinic is best for me?

After going through this detailed analysis on cost of IVF procedure, you might be thinking, ‘Well, thanks for confusing me even more, but how do I decide where to go? ’ Well, cost is just one of the main factors, there are many other factors that you have to consider to decide the place for treatment. This portal has sufficient resources to help you make the optimal decision. So, make sure you use all these resources wisely and patiently.  It would surely help you make the best choice !

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