Preexisting Diabetes and Pregnancy

Preexisting Diabetes and Pregnancy

controlling diabetes insulinWhen you have diabetes (either type 1 or type 2), the body ends up producing too much glucose (sugar) in blood, which is known to cause serious health issues. While diabetic if you are thinking to get pregnant, it is necessary to prepare your body for pregnancy before conceiving. This is because high sugar level in blood can lead to many complications for you and baby’s health. Though pregnancy with preexisting diabetes is possible but with lot of care and caution.

It is better to take an informed decision to avoid any complications later. Before conceiving, make sure to visit your doctor to know when to plan and how to prepare yourself for pregnancy.

How can my preexisting diabetes affect my pregnancy?

It is possible to have a normal pregnancy with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. But only, if you have controlled your blood glucose levels both before and during the pregnancy period. Otherwise there can be serious health complications to you and your baby. It can lead to premature birth, birth deformities (such as heart, brain and spine defects etc.), obese baby, still birth, and miscarriage etc.

You can prevent these complications through proper planning, care and taking complete control of your blood glucose levels. For this you need to schedule appointments with your general medical practitioner managing diabetes, a gynecologist good at dealing high-risk pregnancies, and a dietician to assist you through this journey.

Here are few things to do when planning pregnancy with existing diabetes:

visit doctor before conceivingShare with your doctor your intention to conceive

Share with your doctor about your intention to conceive as he may evaluate, change and prescribe medications to control diabetes accordingly. For example, he may put you on insulin than oral medication.

Manage diabetes much before conceiving

Control your diabetes at least three to six months before you get pregnant.

Get treated for diabetes-related conditions before conceiving

A high blood pressure can lead to several health issues related to heart, kidney or eyes etc., that if not treated can lead to serious complications during pregnancy. So get them treated before conceiving.

Eat healthy diet

Include healthy diet plan recommended by your doctor/dietician to control your sugar level.

diabetes exerciseExercise and maintain active lifestyle

Stick to the exercise regime recommended by your doctor and maintain active lifestyle. Remember too much exercise before conceiving is also not good as it can delay your pregnancy.

Ensure regular visits to doctor

Once you conceived, you will have to make more follow-up visits to the gynecologist than those with normal pregnancy. During the pregnancy period, you will be closely monitored for the baby’s growth and your health condition. This is also to catch a problem, if any, before it gets serious.

Check your blood sugar level at regular intervals

Check your blood sugar level at intervals advised by your doctor. Inform him/her if your blood sugar level is too high or too low.

Manage stress

Managing stress is very important during this period. Too much stress hampers the blood sugar level. This can make not only your pregnancy difficult but post-delivery harder to take care of your baby and self.

For any information on pregnancy or any assisted reproductive technique such as IVF, or infertility treatment in India, you can call our patient advisors for ‘free’ guidance.

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