Trying to Get Pregnant? Here’s a To-Do List!

Trying to Get Pregnant? Here’s a To-Do List!

Entering parenthood is the most amazing thing in a couple’s life and you would definitely want a complication free and healthy ride through this journey. If you and your partner have finally decided to extend your family, it is time to be well-prepared even before conceiving!

Here are the few things which you must consider and follow, actually a “to-do list” for you and your baby’s healthy future, before embarking on this journey:

Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared?

It is extremely essential to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared for parenthood. Just ask yourself and your partner these three questions: Are you both mentally prepared to start a family? Are you both physically prepared as both pregnancy and parenthood is physically demanding process? Are you both financially competent enough to take over the responsibility of the baby?

Pregnancy is a beautiful but mixed journey in itself where you will be experiencing both joy and stress. A healthy and happy family needs to be stable in all the above three spheres.

Prepare your body for healthy eggs

How to get pregnant

Pregnant woman

Couples especially would-be mothers, start taking care of themselves after they get pregnant but actually the regime should begin even before getting pregnant, when you decide to start a family. This is necessary for the health of your eggs preparing in your body for ovulation.

This includes doing fertility-related exercises/yoga and inculcating changes in your otherwise not so healthy diet.  Remember this should be continued even after

  • Detoxify your body and drink more water
  • Quit smoking, alcohol, drugs, and even caffeine
  • Avoid processed food, stick to fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk.
  • Avoid sea food as they contain mercury, a heavy metal, which accumulates in the body tissues and may cause harm during conception.
  • Be easy on salt and sugar intake
  • Include the foods that improve the quality of eggs in your diet like broccoli, berries, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and turmeric etc.
  • Include daily folic acid and vitamin supplements in your diet

Switch to exercises and fertility yoga

Exercise helps to maintain healthy body-weight and increases body stamina.  But be cautious on intense exercise which may hurt your body and may even disturb your ovulation cycle. The mantra is following moderate workout regime like walking, cycling, etc. You can also practice fertility yoga that boosts the chances of conceiving.

Stressed!! A taboo when you want to get pregnant

Stress and negative thoughts are big boulders in way of conceiving. A free and happy mind with positive thinking boosts your chances of getting pregnant with healthy eggs.  Remember, health of your mind contributes to the health of your baby too. You and your partner should build a stress-free environment at home; have support system with friends and family; and yes never avoid communicating your problems or hiccups with your partner and gynecologist.

Don’t panic on the delay

Conceiving is a natural cycle, which may take time from few months to over a year for some couples. Wait, be patient, and tension free. Consult your gynaecologist to clear your doubts and apprehensions.

Manage body weight

Both being overweight or underweight reduces the chances of getting pregnant. In both cases, plan your diet and exercise regime to maintain healthy body weight in consultation with your doctor to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Dentist visit is a must

Do you know your oral health is directly related to your chances of getting pregnant? Researches have shown those who have periodontal diseases take longer to conceive. Brushing your teeth twice and maintaining healthy oral habits will help. Visit your dentist to check for any tooth or gum issue before trying to conceive.

Vaccinations before trying to get pregnant

To avoid illness while trying to conceive, you should get vaccinated. Visit your gynecologist for any vaccination you may be required like for Flu, Hepatitis B, Tetanus, etc., before trying for conception. Vaccination would keep both you and your baby safe from infections.

Finally, try to be positive and happy! Best of luck!

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